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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 9, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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here is mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. guess who moved his airline division to china? that's jeffrey immelt. >> doesn't look good. >> is president obama sincere about creating jobs in america if so, why are some of his close associates not cooperating? >> bill: next time when you have that guest list just check it with me. >> bill: we have a follow-up report. >> our kind of numbers you have when the public starts to give up on a president. >> laura ingraham confronts an nbc news political reporter about liberal bias. >> i don't remember you saying that pollsters were concerned about bush's poll numbers. >> come on, guys.
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there is not hidden bias all over the place. >> bill: ms. laura will be here to explain. >> is this separation of church and state in our constitution. explain which clergy do you want? your ledge? your religion, my religion. >> bill: outrage excluding clergy, firefighters and police officers from the 9/11 ceremonies. geraldo has been investigating. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is president obama sincere in wanting to create jobs? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. was we reported last night there are good things in mr. obama's new law called the american jobs act. the problem is how to pay for it the president has not yet explained that.
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therefore, republicans are weary of the bill because it looks like yet another income tax increase will be part of the package. the g.o.p. is obviously not going to go for that. but the republican party should be very careful. it should be open-minded, willing to negotiate with mr. obama because the public is watching there are some anti--obama people who condemn everything the president does. that actually helps him. makes him a sympathetic figure in the eyes of some independent voters. if the g.o.p. is perceived to be putting party over the country, mr. obama's re-election chances will rise dramatically. but there is another very important element to the economic debate. is president obama sincere? last night he says he wants jobs created in america. he wants the made in america label to be his brand. but watching his speech last night with the first lady was g.e. ceo jeffrey immelt one of the president's top economic advisors. as you may know, mr. immelt is
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shipping some g.e. business to china. he is sitting on billions of dollars overseas that g.e. has paid no tax ons. talk about a loophole that struck talking points as disengine -- disingenuous. guess who moved tech division to china? that's jeffrey immelt. made in america, jay? you should -- you, jay, you should have -- and threw him out of that box. [ laughter ] is he a lot bigger than i am, bill. you are big enough maybe you could have done it. >> bill: i would have done it if you let me give me permission. >> the president is not saying that every american company should not have business overseas. >> bill: not good enough. if mr. obama is sincere about creating american jobs and closing corporate loopholes he
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must quit surrounding himself with men to ho could just that. the interview posted on bill o' talking points believes president obama is sincere that he wants the economy to get better and create jobs. in his own self-interest to want that. the problem is president obama does not see the big picture. i'm certain the presence of jeffrey immelt last night didn't even occur to the president. he just doesn't know what the big deal is he also doesn't realize to have the federal government control a major part of the economy isn't working and will not work. all american presidents make mistakes but learning from the mistakes is the key to the great image that a president seeks. right now, we have yet another stalemate over creating jobs. not god for the folks. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. very interesting back and forth between laura ingraham and nbc
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news white house correspondent chuck todd on the radio. it all began with mr. todd explaining an nbc poll on the president. >> one important number that our pollsters say is in there is this idea long-term set back or short-term. 54 percent said long term. our pollsters are concerned. that's the kind of numbers you have when the public starts to give up on a president as a problem solver. >> bill: the key phrase our pollsters are concerned. yesterday, laura ingraham called todd on that. >> i don't remember you saying that pollsters were concerned about bush's poll numbers dropping though. >> bill: joining us now from washington is laura ingraham. maybe it was a slip of the tongue, jay carney made one last
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night. he said put party in front of country. he didn't mean that. >> it was classic. >> bill: i make mistakes like that. you do too. we all make verbal mistakes. maybe todd when he said our pollsters are concerned made a mistake. >> or maybe. and, look, he comes on my show and a lot of folks won't because they don't want to be subjected to factor-like questioning so they avoid it so he comes on and i gave him a chance to explain it he said oh come on you guys see bias around every corner. aren't pollsters just supposed to report the numbers and the facts? to use the word concerned that the president. >> bill: it looks terrible. >> it's a little odd. >> bill: we did a little research on mr. todd. he is a big guy at nbc news. is he a democrat. his wife makes a living working for the democratic party. there is a report that chuck todd actually worked for senator tom harken, very liberal senator
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from iowa. we haven't been able to confirm that. there is no doubt chuck todd is a liberal guy. is he in the tank? what do you think? >> i don't know if he is in the tank for obama. is he probably to the left of most of the country. do i think that my gut? do i know that for a fact? , no. i don't i think it's my responsibility when i have these reporters on to dig a little deeper and find out what's really going on. and when a pollster is concerned, i think okay, a pollster is concerned that his poll is not accurate or pollster is concerned that he should be polling most likely voters. >> bill: absolutely. >> not that the president is a problem solver. i think it was odd then and i still think it's odd. >> bill: goes back to nbc image barack obama. g.e. used to own nbc. it just swirls and swirls and swirls around. >> yeah. obviously it's cable outlet is totally left wing.
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anything obama does. >> bill: different between being defendant wing like dennis kucinich who is coming up behind you and a promoter. if you have a major television network, as you did in 2008, actually promoting a candidate, a single candidate. that's a problem for the country. let's get on to the g.o.p. debate. did you watch it? did you form any conclusions on it? >> yeah. i thought that both romney and perry came across pretty good, bill. right now this is maybe a two-way, three-way race. why it's interesting to have all these other points of view up there i found newt gingrich's line about the media was pretty funny and i liked it a lot. rick santorum made some good points. it gets frustrating after a while because you want to see the top dogs really settle the score and make it clear for us and, yet, in these debates even if you get 4% on any national poll you get a right to sit up there on stage. >> bill: that's going to happen.
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>> that part of it gets a little annoying. i think what perry did right is i looked like unrepentant in main point that social security right now is a bit of a lie to a lot of people out there. you know, if you are under auto. and i still am, you don't think you are really going to get what you paid in. that's why he calls it a ponzi scheme. do i think mitt romney is going to be able to take that and kind of scare all floridas about rick perry? i think that's kind of a thin read to hang your presidential hopes on. i think perry did fine. i think romney was really strongest specially in the beginning. he came across very authoritative. i still think he comes across stiff though. just his presentation. he has the facts down. he has the economics down. obviously going for that more middle moderate republican vote. i still think he has trouble conveying a sense of relaxed nature and of kind of a more natural human nature to the public. one on one when you talk to him.
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he is great. fun to talk, to smart. i don't get it. >> bill: people are looking for technicians. >> competent. he came across little stiff and very smart and obviously extremely experienced in business. >> bill: michele bachmann didn't say very much. she is losing traction in the polls. you say? >> i think that's right. i think perry came in and took a lot of wind out of her sales. she is devoting all of her time to iowa right now. but perry is up in iowa even though he really didn't compete in iowa. it's going to be a tough road back. but maybe not in insurmountable. we have a lot of time left. we will see. >> bill: next on the run down dennis kucinich as mentioned on the jobs program and the g.e. controversy. also ahead, geraldo investigating why new york city mayor michael bloomberg has not invited clergy, firefighters, or cops to the 9/11 ceremonies. coming right back. [ whispering ] ok, here's your room key,
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the american jobs act. joining us from washington congressman dennis kucinich. first of all, congressman, you looked really happy last night. look at him, there he is, to see the president. you are standing on a chair or something over there? >> it's a high chair they give me, actually. >> bill: standing on somebody's head. >> i'm actually -- >> bill: dissatisfied with the chief executive. you look happy to see him. >> i'm a happy guy by nature. i think it's important, even if
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you have differences with the chief executive to be cordial and to have a relationship so that you get a chance to occasionally put your two cents in and maybe people will listen. >> bill: all right. are you going to vote for this jobs act? >> i have to see the bill. >> bill: he doesn't want you to pass it now. he doesn't want you to look at it like obama care, he didn't want you to read it just pass it what's the matter with you? >> bill, i think it's important to get people back to work. i did some quick analysis of the bill and about half of it would go towards continuing programs that we already have payroll tax break for workers that wouldn't have to put it into social security. they would get it back. unemployment compensation. people need that. that doesn't necessarily mean that's going to address the issue of unemployment. the other half of the bill will go towards dealing with the problem of unemployment.
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if we took over $200 billion and put it into infrastructure, mass transit, putting public employees back to work, you're still going to see about 10 million people out of work at a minimum. >> bill: all right. but we already tried that it didn't work out too well. you pinpointed the problem, it's going to cost close to a half trillion dollars if this bill would pass as it stands now. where is that money going to come from? he is going to explain it, i guess, in 10 days. shouldn't he have done both things at the same time because where is the money going to come from? >> it would have been nice to have more information yesterday. let me point out something. in the american recovery act about $32.1 billion was for infrastructure. in this bill there is more money for infrastructure. there is 140 billion for infrastructure and another 150 billion for mass transit. >> bill: doesn't have that money. is he going to have to borrow that money or print it. >> this is where we can and should have a debate. first of all be the president is saying we're going to cut money
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from medicare or medicaid. i don't buy that i think that end the wars. can you save all kind of money doing that and if worse comes to worse, we have to take a page out of what happened during the depression. fdr was spending money into circulation in order to get america back on its feet. so we weren't in a depression any longer then it occurred. >> bill: we don't have any. >> >> bill: i don't think you have to do it. i think the private sector can do it. with strategic legislation. i don't think the federal government can do it. >> where? >> bill: going to be catastrophic. >> that's exactly -- the fed printed 1.2 trillion and gave it to the banks which didn't loan money to main street. wall street high cotton and main street is suffering. >> bill: how did that work out. >> not very well. the banks got the money.
11:17 pm
the main street didn't. >> bill: makes my point the federal government can't run the economy. >> if they give it to wall street, it's a problem. give it to main street to create jobs. >> bill: you can't give anybody anything and you know that i want to get to this immelt thing because you were ahead of the curb on. this of course, i broke the story but you picked up on it. on august 26th, your osu released this press release and the headline is what other u.s. technology have you, jeff i were immelt and you g.e. sold to the chinese? so you and i are sympathetic call on this issue and there is immelt last night sitting with the first lady and barack obama telling us all he wants the brand made in america. meantime g.e. stuff is going over to china. you can figure that out? >> well, the head of g.e. the head of the president's jobs council and he has a lot of expertise in creating jobs. unfortunately the jobs he is creating happen to be in china. >> bill: yeah. come on. >> i'm concerned that g.e. has laid the groundwork to move more jobs to china because they are
11:18 pm
right inside of nasa and the incould you bagels of new technology that the taxpayers are paying for such as the stech nothing that g.e. famously now have given to the chinese who has developed with u.s. taxpayer dollars that's going to have an adverse impact on our airline industry. >> bill: you agree the appearance of this is terrible. >> the appearance and the fact of it both terrible. >> bill: so, what's the explanation? why is the president doing it? there is no defense for this. want to have a jobs council create jobs in america. >> bill: why is the president doing it if it's ridiculous? >> i can't explain why this happened. >> bill: i can't explain it either. >> g.e. under mr. immelt g.e. moved 20% of its jobs out of this country. it's a problem. >> bill: also promoted the candidacy, successfully of barack obama in 2008. all right, congressman, always good to see you. thank you. directly ahead, geraldo on why the mayor of new york city is not invited clergy, firefighters or cops to the 9/11 ceremony.
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can't explain 20 me which clergy do you want? your religion? my religion? >> bill: hey, all right. here now to analyze fox news anchor geraldo rivera. you know, bloomberg is a smart guy. we like him. he is coming off as a pinhead on
11:23 pm
this one. i mean, he really is. >> first, the world trade center site is the most overpoliticized, most bitterly partisan piece of real estate on earth. that's why it took so long to get the buildings back up. there are all the interest groups. there are so many different peoples who feelings are deeply and profoundly ininvested in that property. so blood soaked and traumatic to the country. everyone is so hypersensitive about it. every year this comes up. now on the tenth anniversary it's like the opening of a big broadway show times 100. everybody wants to be part of it what bloomberg is trying to do is balance the various equities. now he has made the decision that the victims will be preeminent. they will be paramount and for sure amongst the victims are all those hundreds of firefighters' families who perished. the 22 cops. the port authority folks. their families will be represented just not the organizations themselves.
11:24 pm
>> bill: okay. but this is why is he making a huge mistake. number one, that separation of church and state line, that has nothing to do with it. okay? that has nothing to do with it. this is an american commemoration. an american commemoration, part of america is religion. >> but which clergy do you invite? >> bill: here is what you do. if i'm bloomberg i take a catholic priest, a jewish rabbi, a muslim imam, a couple of protestant ministers and i put them up there. those are the mainstream religions that dominate in this country, okay? that's number one. number two, i take a couple guys from the police department and the firefighters and they are chosen by lottery. by lottery. it's just -- >> nod bad. >> bill: it's not a matter of being bad or not. it's about respect. what the mayor of new york city is doing is showing disrespect, all right, to religion in america. and disrespect to the firefighters and police officers of new york city, which were the front line responders.
11:25 pm
>> okay. a couple of things. i believe that the separation of church and state is overdone. for instance. >> bill: nothing to do with this. >> not to allow the crosses that accidently came out of the wreckage at the site or in some other public place, i think is preposterous just as i think it is preposterous not to have the 10 commandments in courthouses and things of that nature. i think it's overdoing what the founders intended. >> bill: of course. >> when they wanted the separation of church and state. but new york is the center of all religions, and where you stop is one of the problems. that's what mayor bloomberg is trying to point out. for instance what about the mormons, what about the scientologists. >> bill: we're doing maybe stream here. >> we have two presidential candidates who are mormon. >> bill: it doesn't matter. mainstream religions in the country are represented. >> you know archbishop dolland doesn't have a problem with this. >> i know he doesn't. i have a problem with it? >> traditionally feisty
11:26 pm
territorial sects have no problem with it. there really has to be an attempt to balance. by framing it in the -- and i really have to defend mayor bloomberg in this. in couching it in terms of celebrating the victims' lives. i mean, have you had billy graham down there. >> bill: you can do both. >> you know physically what the layout is. >> bill: go down there, we can work them all. in they would all be there. >> my friends, the cops are really angry at him. >> bill: of course and they should be. >> they should be and perhaps he could have done it more delicately. i understand what he is trying to do. >> bill: you understand what he is trying to do. it's not respectful. >> what about the indian chiefs? >> bill: the indian chiefs, geraldo? >> seek political correctness. >> bill: i don't want anything to do with political correctness. nothing. i want respect and in context of the day. and that would have been -- >> -- have you ever been to
11:27 pm
jerusalem. go to the church of the holy sepulchre. the maryines they have got their corner. >> bill: the more the better. >> are a mean are a mainians are there. a problem difficult to solve. >> bill: all i'm saying to you is this should have been handled and the fact that is he raising separation of church and state is crazy. now, on your show on saturday. >> i have got a great -- >> bill: 30 seconds. >> i'm doing 9/11 the counter attack. the military response to that dreadful, you know, wicked brilliant attack that killed almost 3,000. >> bill: over the past 10 years. >> what we did about it. culminating with the death of bin laden, which was, i think, a triumph of everything that was wrong with our intelligence, interfacing with the military, interfacing with law enforcement. we have got that together. that's where the current threat in new york will be handle. >> bill: all right. geraldo on saturday night. we will check it out. thank you. plenty more as the factor moves
11:28 pm
along this evening. one the dumbest things of the week is a question asked in the republican debate. we will pinpoint it for you. big controversy in boston far left group demanding public schools prohibit the pledge of allegiance. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. at exxon and mobil, we engineer smart gasoline that works at the molecular level to help your engine run more smoothly by helping remove deposits and cleaning up intake valves. so when you fill up at an exxon or mobil station, you can rest assured we help your engine run more smoothly while leaving behind cleaner emissions. it's how we make gasoline work harder for you. exxon and mobil.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, labor violence in washington state. at least longshoremen stormed the port destroying property holding six security guards hostage. some of the people armed with baseball bats and crowbars. dozens of police officers responded. at luce 19 union workers have been arrested in demonstrations that have disrupted work at some sea ports including seattle. the kicker on the story the national media pretty much ignoring it joining us from seattle john carlson radio talk show host. i'm told the police did not arrest anyone at the long view incident which seems very strange, john, because they had crow bars and holding people hostage. why not? what's going on there?
11:32 pm
>> well, the guards were pretty much overpowered and the police taken completely by surprise, bill. earlier the previous day in the afternoon. 19 people had been arrested for blocking a train filled with grain that was coming into this terminal which is by the way the first new grain terminal in the last 25 years they are on a test run to see how well the facility would work. the head of the national union said we'll be back. and they did come back in the middle of the night about 400 to 500. the security detail from the port authority were basically barricaded in their security shack. the windows were being broken. the brake lines on the trains were cut. a lot of tons of grain was spilled. and no arrests have been made. but that entire area is now a crime scene and police are investigating. >> bill: yeah, you would think they would have security cameras there and be able to pick up images of who is doing what.
11:33 pm
now, this all stems from a dispute between the union, the long shoreman's union and the port. the long shoreman's union says the port promised to hire union labor and they are not now and all of that we don't want to get in the middle of that because we don't know what happened there. there is no excuse for violence. here is the national hook on this story. you can imagine if the tea party did this? you can imagine if the tea party showed up at long view and broke in and barricaded guards and broke windows and had clubs and all of that? the national media, all over it. yet, this, zero, outside of the factor. i mean, we're the only ones that i think are reporting the story. how do we explain that? >> well, you are ahead on the story and i don't know how much longer they can keep a secret because there is so much breaking out about this. compare this to wisconsin, where you had public officials who were expressing their support for what the public employees unions were doing. you're not seeing that by any politician in washington state.
11:34 pm
as you know, it is a pretty blue state, bill. no politician has expressed support for what they are doing because, basically the union is so far out of line that the national labor relations board which has a very heavy union tilt actually sought a court injunction against the union for its tactics. >> bill: why do you think then -- it's been covered by the seattle media pretty intensely. seattle has covered it it's a major city. why hasn't the national media covered it? i think it's because it reflects poorly on union workers and they don't want that. am i wrong? on the one hand they love labor results. on the other hand it's defying the national labor relations board. >> bill: yeah, it's extremist situation. >> law and order, you bet. >> bill: it's a valid story. you have, you know, 500 longshoremen showing up doing
11:35 pm
this in mass. somebody could have been killed. thank god, nobody was. but then you have a total news blackout of this story? it's got to be political, john. it's got to be political. >> bill, i think they is gone from the picketers have gone from civil disobedience to criminal disobedience to thuggery and a poll in the local long view paper shows two thirds of the people have turned against the union on this. >> bill: you have to. you can't have anarchy like this. keep doing what you are doing. we will see if it breaks out. >> we got a flash point here, bill. the flash point was in the middle of nighteither going to be open-ended labor union revolt or restoration of the rule of law. >> bill: we will continue to follow the story, john. thanks very much. when we come right back, culture warriors on a ban of pledge of allegiance in public schools. dumbest thing of the week. one of them a question in the
11:36 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reillyed in the culture warrior segment tonight. controversy in brook line, massachusetts, a suburb of boston. far left group is demanding that public schools ban the pledge of allegiance. some of the children are confused. >> i think it's pretty much a good way of kids, you know, kind of symbolizing their country. i don't know. it's kind of good, i guess. i don't really get why they would ban it. kind of seems odd to me. >> bill: odd, indeed. here now are the warriors alease shah menendez. in for a march groot get hoover and hoover the author of american individualism. >> citizens for participation in political action, they are in massachusetts. i went to their web site the first thing i saw was the
11:40 pm
ticking to come clock calculating the cost of u.s. colonization of iraq. >> bill: colonization? >> not quite sure we are pulling out of there yet. >> many things you can say criticize the u.s. government with endeavors in iraq but colonization is not one of them. >> bill: talking about bees. american bees. okay, but, look, these are whacked-out people, correct? >> correct. >> bill: how does whacked-out people get to appoint where they are actually being taken seriously in the pledge of allegiance is in play? >> i don't know. that's the main group but they also haven't updated their web site for three years because they are still fighting to beat bush in november. i don't know how -- >> bill: the web site is chaotic. >> this is a subsidiary group. they are active in brook line which we know is a very left wing liberal. >> bill: that's barney frank's district by the way. i don't even think barney would want to ban the pledge of allegiance. >> they are proactive in the local community. >> bill: you think this is just foolish. i know you do.
11:41 pm
>> of course. >> bill: alicia, you are kind of a liberal person, you think it's foolish. >> i think this is bana thans. i think the pledge of allegiance is one of the -- i think it's a wonderful thing to teach to children. i have no idea. >> bill: got god in there alicia, got that god guy in there. >> so what? something we have been saying for hundreds of years. i think it's fantastic and important part of history and important part of being an american citizen. right now these kids get to opt out. i don't understand what the big deal is. >> bill: go ahead? >> what they said and this is a thing of the far left and of course alease shah a very reasonable liberal not a far left fringe liberal but what they say, basically is that citing the oath of the pledge of allegiance is an oath that is tantamount to mccarthyism. it's a long way to go. >> bill: this is part of a campaign. you know richard talk constituency we have him on in a couple of weeks. he wrote about a book about atheism for kids. remember "the o'reilly factor" for kids? this is atheism for kids. he ripped off my idea.
11:42 pm
what i was trying to push traditional americanism he is trying to push atheism. do i believe that the secular, you know, progressives want children to reject religion and patriotism, alicia, that's what they want. >> i think this book exists as an option for a parent who may want to teach their kid about atheism or may want to teach their kid about science which i think is what is he promoting in this book and he can use that text side by side with another book. >> bill: put god in there. has a beef with science. >> i don't think it's incumbent on him to show both sides. i think it's incumbent upon parents to say listen there is more than one way you can look at this. i grew up in a how many learn about evolution and went to catechism classes they existed side by side. >> bill: i hope your self-image was damaged by that. baby boomers, i'm one of them. selfish generation. not as bad as your generation but close.
11:43 pm
>> you haven't read the book about my book about my lineal. >> bill: they are note going to leave money to their kids. intend it on themselves. isn't that delightful. >> they also say they will get their kids through school and have their kids be debt-free. >> bill: then they will stiff them. >> the cost of being a senior citizen these days a lot more too. skyrocketing medical costs. >> bill: smoking pot and all that stuff like the babe boomers are doing. >> you can definitely characterize generations. >> bill: in your opinion, greedy for a parent to not leave, if they can, money to their children? >> in this case, especially looking at this issue, the cost of being a senior has skyrocketed. >> bill: i'm not going to get an answer to that. >> no. i don't think it's unfair. >> take the inheritance by the death tax so the kids wouldn't have anything anyway. i think it's a little greedy, don't you? >> i think it's entirely unsurprising as you said.
11:44 pm
notoriously selfish generation. >> bill: we are. i have to say. >> means that you have been encouraged to pursue your interests and your dreams. that means y'all have a much longer bucket list. >> bill: kids? we don't care about the kids. we educated -- we are educating them. you are going to have a kid that's your responsibility. educate them. if you can give the kid a little money when you kick, give them a little money. let them start a business or something like that. give the kid a break. so while my generation is selfish. i'm not. [ laughter ] >> are you leaving money for your kids, bill? >> absolutely. but not to you, hoover. the culture warriors in a moment. the dumbest things of the week featuring a giant marijuana celebration in california, of course. and a question in the republican debate coming right back.
11:45 pm
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11:48 pm
>> bill: back of book segment tonight, the dumbest things of the week. here they are. our very intelligent duo. fox news correspondent arthel neville red eye guy greg gutfeld. new political add by congressional candidate in texas. >> all you guys want. you want a handout. i don't have something in it. now you are getting mad again, okay? years ago we didn't have this problem. but now it's just a hassle to get them to do anything. don't turn your head i know you are embarrassed because you are part of the problem. all right? we can turn it around. they keep thinking obama is going to take care of them. obama is going to feed them and take care of their bomb. >> if i can get obama out of health care i can get these teeth fixed that you have got. okay? i can get them fixed. but he has got to get away. he has got to let me do the things i need to do. [ laughter ] >> bill: okay, arthel, who is that why is he terrorizing mules. >> it's outright dumb. you know what happens when one talks to donkeys you make an ass of yourself.
11:49 pm
>> bill: excellent. >> the donkeys represent the democratic party. this guy roger williams running for congress in texas is basically, you know, playing on the conservative take that there are too many entitlement programs. >> bill: i didn't think it was dumb. i thought it was pretty clever. >> ad clean-up -- the ad is clever. >> bill: i rode one down to the grand canyon i swore at that donkey. have you ever done that? >> the democrats can't come back to this because they would have to get elephants and they would get trampled. >> bill: that's right. they would get killed. of the international can business and hemp expo in california. roll the tape. >> if you burn it, they will come. and people waited in line to get into the international cannabis expo. no one under 18. medical documents required. >> i carry this with me to prove that i am legally sick enough to smoke weed. >> and smoke they did.
11:50 pm
>> bill: it's amazing how many deseized people there are, isn't it. >> adam who you had on the show made a point once that all the people he knows that smokes pot they don't have cancer. even though it can help people through suffering, you know, of the symptoms. when you look at the tape, i didn't see a lot of really sick people. i saw a lot of young people getting high. i'm for the decriminalization of marijuana. i think it helps with suffering. but a lot of this is just like pim bill all a con. >> it a scam. i'm trying to diplomatic. >> bill: a con. >> they did say there were 10,000 people there there were only a thousand. they were just seeing double. >> bill: 10,000 people. and 95 lurks -- hundred of them were dealers. >> you were there with bernie goldberg. >> bill: all right, now, here is the most here is a really dumb thing but important thing. this happened during the debate. it got a lot of attention. i want you to pay close attention at the phraseology here. roll the tape. >> your state has executed 234
11:51 pm
death row inmates more than any other governor in modern times. [ applause ] have you struggled to sleep at night with the idea that any one of those might have been innocent? >> no, sir. i have never struggled with that at all. >> bill: here is why that is dumb, all right? what do you think perry is going to say? that's right, brian, i can't go to sleep. it's so stupid. if you want to ask that question. you ask it this way. governor perry, your state has executed far more people than any other state in the union, what does that stay about sex -- texas and what does that say about you. and are the other states wrong for not keeping up with you in the execution level? then, perry actually has to think on his feet, right? >> yes. >> the best part about that is that was williams' gotcha question which was interrupted by applause. >> bill: it was a dumb gotcha
11:52 pm
question. what do you think perry going to say? he going to go to law and order and play to the choir which wants law and order. there is no -- but the other question, arthel if you had said what's the difference between what you do and what california does, okay? then he would have to explain it and we might learn something about the governor. >> it's an important issue, i think. i don't think the death penalty. >> bill: i don't think it's a vital issue to the voters but it's an interesting issue. >> it's interesting. by the way, i don't think the death penalty is dumb but i do think that it's dumb to think that any legal system is perfect because there are people who have been wrongfully a -- >> bill: what williams succeeded in doing is telling you more about williams than governor perry. it's the job of a moderator. they won't let me mod mod der rated. >> they won't let me moderate because i wouldn't ask these dumb questions and i would hold
11:53 pm
them accountable for what they say and nobody would show up. >> always about brian williams no matter where brian williams is it's always about him. >> bill: do you know him. >> we used to live together in the 1980s. ties the alone thank you very much as always pinheads and patriots on deck. should you buy a car from a company that used bailout money. p and p moments away. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off th freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while u're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring a decision on buying cars in a moment. but first, on monday we will have a dramatic announcement about the wounded warriors. so i hope you check in with us. i hope you check out membership on over the weekend. almost last call for the free pen give away. you get the opinion of your choice. big discounts on all the gear including my upcoming back, "killing lincoln," which will be out soon. now the mail: >> bill: depends how it is worded robert. if mr. obama knows the house won't support his income tax vision therefore, vital time is being wasted. so why is he doing it?
11:57 pm
>> bill: >> bill: i appreciate that. >> bill: wise up. he simply misspoke, it was obvious. we all misspeak sometimes,
11:58 pm
come on. >> bill: because there's no judgment against buffet. simply in negotiation with the irs. we want to be fair, please. >> bill: immediately lost half their audience. >> bill: we'll guarantee that lots of fun. i'll do a signing for my new book before the show. i can't do many of these signings but i will do one there. killing lincoln will be out september 27th. i'm ing him a copy of pinheads and patriots in paperback just out this week.
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going to have a good time in connecticut, and jersey. >> finally, i you may know that the ford motor company did not take bailout money even when it was offered. most of the american car companies did. ford says, you should take that into consideration. >> why was buying american important to you? >> i wasn't going to buy a car that was bailed out by our government. i was going to buy from a manufacturer standing on their own that's what america is about taking the chance to succeed and understanding when you fail you have to pick yourself up and go back to work. ford is that company for me. >> bill: pretty good ad, patriotic. that is it for us tonight. check out the website different from spout off from anywhere in the world, o'reilly@fox word of the day do not be


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